25 Oct 2016

Top 5 Things That Your Web Development Company Must Focus On

by admin in Web Design

Smartphone and tablet have cornered the desktop completely, but does it mean Web is a forgotten past? ItÔÇÖs certainly not. Instead, itÔÇÖs evolving rapidly. Here is the list of top 5 things that your web development company must focus on to keep your website relevant with the market dynamics.

According to the industry research, users are more engaged with mobile apps, they are spending almost 2-3 hours per day with them, and they canÔÇÖt do without them. Well, there are many experts and their stats proclaiming the importance of mobile apps, but there is none that can disapprove the need of a website. Businesses are investing in mobile apps, but that doesnÔÇÖt meant they have put web in isolation. However, the need of the hour has changed. Today, you need a perfect website, not just to show it to your client but to make business out of it. You need to have it as a brand ambassador, not merely as a digital platform.

However, saying is easier than done. Unless, you reach the right web development company, getting a website that truly serves the purpose remains a distant dream. Here are 5 key features and benefits of an ideal website.

Cost Effective Medium

Designing, development and marketing ÔÇô these are 3 aspects of every digital initiative and striking balance amidst them is a must. Design should be impressive enough to make head turns, development should be robust enough to keep a website running across all devices flamboyantly and flawlessly and marketing should be effective enough to reach the target audiences and ensure conversion. However, they must not clash. Thus a web designer, web developer and marketer need to work cohesively, so that the digital investment serves the purpose driving growth.

Faster and Round-the-Clock Accessibility

A 2 seconds delay in the website loading drifts away the customer satisfaction by 20% and unsatisfied customers are more likely to give the business to your competitors. TodayÔÇÖs generation is utterly impatience. Hence, approach the right website development company that has a proven track record in delivering quality products without fail. Remember, a website means no downtime.


While sitting with your web development company to discuss the project, do assert keeping the user-interface and user experience as simple as possible. Let users navigate to the right information that they are looking for in a quick and easy manner. No ambiguity should exist in terms of design, layout, content, etc. Not just users, but the search engines should also find the webpages easy to crawl. This will result in higher visibility of the website and more engagement through it.

Easier Content Management

Website development is a one-time task but content management and marketing are endless ones. Ask your website developer to keep both easier for you. You or your team should be able to easily use built-in features of the CMS like content authoring, co-authoring, review, publishing and sharing. Integration of social-media, contact form, feedback form, etc. should be done appropriately.

Web Analytics

Being a website owner, you must have a 360-degree view of the user-analytics, i.e. how users are interacting with the website. Knowing about the traffic, engagement and conversion through multiple channels like organic, social and referrals, you can revamp your website and the marketing strategy to make the user-experience better and, this, in turn, will help you achieve more conversion and, hence drive the ROI.

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