7 Dec 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Go with Magento 2 eCommerce Development

by admin in Magneto

Black Friday and Cyber Monday of the year are over! According to Adobe Market Insights, stats are not as encouraging as they should be, particularly, when it comes to conversion on mobile and Web. The concluding Cyber Monday was expected to rake in 3.36 billion, which was just a bit higher than the last yearÔÇÖs Black Friday Spending. Shoppers complained of slow speed, poor checkout, irrelevant push notifications, and challenges with page views and so on. Since, Magento is a leading e-Commerce platform trusted by millions, so at Web World Arena, we thought to shed light on whatÔÇÖs new in Magento 2.0 as compared to Magento 1, and how that will benefit your business.

1. Performance Guaranteed

Do you know, 35% of shopping cart abandonment happens because of low speed? In Magento 2, with support to the latest PHP version i.e., PHP 7, inclusion of Varnish caching, minimized and bundled JavaScript, images compression, and advanced browser caching for static content, the slow store performance can be sorted out. All that you need is to hire the right Magento eCommerce developer who can build an optimized website harnessing the latest enhancements of Magento 2.0.

2. More Control on Your Store

Discover a simplified admin panel.The navigation panel allows you to navigate easily to all parts of the admin panel, find information you need and manage the entire set of merchandises, their settings, customersÔÇÖ data and the roles of your people effortlessly. You can keep a tab on the inventory, customersÔÇÖ demand and delivery using any mobile device.


3. Better Business Insights

On Magento 2 Dashboard, get 360-degree overview of the storeÔÇÖs performance: Check Lifetime Sales, Average Order, Last Orders, Last and Top Search Terms. This will help you to better cope with the demand and serve customers with a smile. Compliances can be met more easily than ever. Details of Revenue Tax, Shipping and Quantity are also just a click away.


4. Stay Always Ready

New step-by-step product creation tool makes it easier for you to add new categories and products to your store. Make them more relevant by adding images and videos and become a show stopper. Yes, be the market leader, rather than being a follower with Magento 2 eCommerce development.


5. Brag More about Your Products

Add or remove the columns on the orders or customers management grid, right from the admin panel. Product data can be imported easily in a file format of your choice. Thus, let your customers find information they need to make better decisions in a quick and easy way.

6. Reports

Track the performance of your business over a period ÔÇô daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Find loopholes in the sales channel from customer engagement to conversion and take the right step to get those fixed. Comparing performance of different sales campaigns becomes easier because you donÔÇÖt need to pull out your calculator. Just select the start and end date, choose the category and get the complete data at your fingertips.

7. Know More About Your Customers

The better you know your customers, the better you can serve them. With Magento 2, keeps not just their name, contact, payment and shipping details but also more particular details like how long have they been your customers, what are their preferences, how frequently they shop and what payment mode they prefer, what time of the day they prefer to go online, what they share about you on their social media and much more. All this will help you to tailor your services and delight them.


8. Better Visibility

Get access to a spectrum of features, including Promotions, User Content, Communications, SEO & Search to reach out to your target audience across all search engines, social channels and affiliate websites. Yes, with Magento 2, now you can market your business on your own. No need to allocate budget for advertising and marketing.


9. Easier Checkout

Adobe report raises concern regarding drop out of sales due to poor checkout feature. Magento 2 seems to address the issue well. It eases the checkout and make it faster and securer than what was in Magento 1. Make it clear to your Magento developres as what minimalist options would be required for checkout. Moreover, it can be integrated with any payment processing system offered by Apple, Google or other vendors.

10. Empower Your People

Empower your people with better tools and features. Lock and unlock users, set permissions for them, enable notifications, manage encryption, and do more. Integration with third-party software or cloud-enabled services is easier in Magento 2. Sync the store data with your CRM (Customer Relationship Software), import and export data between store and accounting or taxation software that you own and keep your business up and running.

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