25 Oct 2016

5 Mistakes Drupal Web Developers Make

by admin in Drupal

To eRR is human, to forgive is divine. But, this is the age of Millennial, they wonÔÇÖt forgive, rather give the business to your competitors. According to a survey, 20% new website visitors prefer to quit a website the loads slowly and 30% visitors are likely to leave it without taking any action or submitting any query that the website owner might be interested in and 88% would not like to return after having a bad experience with a website.

Drupal is an awesome content management system used by some of the best websites in the world. Being an open source framework, it keeps receiving a good deal of updates and enhancements on a regular basis that not only make the user-experience (UX) great but also website content management easier and faster for the business professionals. However, at times it has been noticed that website owners fail to get traffic and conversion. Want to know why? Here is a list of top 5 mistakes that deter the user experience and make content update, publishing and marketing a challenge and, eventually, spoil the objectives of the investment in the Drupal website development.

Poor Accessibility & Interactivity

Users are less likely to interact with a website having substandard UI (User-Interface). Give them the best experience by allowing them to access your website through various means, including, gestures, keyboards, mouse, joystick, or even with voice. The more you empower them, the more you approach your goal ÔÇô user-engagement which, further, paves the way to lead generation and conversion.

Low or Average Visual Quality

Getting attention on the web is largely dependent upon the visuals of a website. It should have the capability to hold the visitorÔÇÖs attention and urge him/her to explore your products or services. Being a Drupal website developer, you must remember that website visitors are not there to read a thesis. They have come to seek solution or contact you for products or services. But getting their attention is a priority. Thereafter, you can expect something more. Equip your CMS dashboard with features and tools so that your partner can present information and convey their message in a vibrant manner.

Unexpected Waiting Time

Drupal is meant for delivering performance to end-users and being a Drupal developer the onus to make it true is on you. Optimise the Drupal coding and try to deliver more with the minimal usage of script. Used images, videos or other multimedia items must not cross beyond a stipulated limit. Test your website as well as linked landing pages load-time by Google Webmaster or a similar tool. It would verify them and suggest changes, if required.

Poor Responsiveness

It has been observed that inexperienced Drupal developers often donÔÇÖt take it seriously. Sometimes experienced too, often under the pressure of meeting deadlines, forget to take care of each and every page. Make sure that the target audiences are able to use the website you build across any device from smartphone to tablet, to laptop and desktop. Google Webmaster again can be of great help, provided you are dedicated to deliver impeccable user experience.

Confusing User-Flow

The objectives and structures of a website must be in harmony. A Drupal web development company must work closely to its client to define the flow of the user. Make a sketch depicting the userÔÇÖs journey from home page to its internal and sub-internal pages. Let users donÔÇÖt get lost in the website. A proper to-and-fro navigation should be made available to him or her to make the journey through the website faster and easier.

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    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost impossible.

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